The Likes

Check out these links to our favorite sites about driving safely and well, and laughing your way to a more salubrious life on the road.

AAA the premier American auto club and my personal favorite, offers a wealth of information on road safety, auto maintenance & shopping, travel and more. (

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety AAA’s auto safety organization offers free safety pamphlets, news and resources (

AARP Driver Safety safe driving strategies for older drivers (

AARP Driving Resource Center more driver safety resources and activities (

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety an alliance of consumer and insurance groups that promotes safety ( lots of smart automotive advice by and for women (

Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor A professional organization whose mission is to advance the understanding and application of humor and laughter for their positive benefits. (

CAA AAA for Canadians and their visitors ( auto news, values and shopping advice (

Car Talk auto advice and humor from the smart, funny brothers and their NPR radio show. (

Center for Auto Safety comprehensive information on vehicle safety issues (

Changin’ Gears a website devoted to RVs, including a summary of the various state licensing requirements (

CoolDriver Campaign how to keep driving and still do your part in the fight against global warming ( recognize and combat the dangers of distracted driving with resources from the US DOT (

Drivetime Yoga learn how to beat traffic stress with safe yoga techniques for the car ( offers news legislation and advice on the psychology of driving and road rage. ( carpool and ridesharing connections from local commutes or errands to cross country trips ( US DOE website compares vehicles and offers explanations and fuel economy advice (

Funny Times a humor collection that doesn’t have much of a driving connection, but it’s good for a few laughs and that’s what we’re all about, eh? Plus, if you’re so inclined you can use their playground characters to create your own clever driving (or other) cartoons ( current gas prices in your area, including the US and Canada (

Governors Highway Safety Association great resource for information on highway safety issues of all kinds, plus a terrific digest of safety law variations by state (

Green Vehicle Guide EPA site offers evaluation tools for vehicle emissions and fuel economy (

Honku offers a creative outlet for your frustrations on the road, where you can enjoy and create your own driving poetry. (

How We Drive lots of timely and interesting commentary about what’s going on in the world of traffic, by Tom Vanderbilt, the author of  Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us), who by the way supports Mother R’s ‘use those lanes then take turns merging’ advice, although he uses the correct terminology (

Insurance Information Institute insurance shopping advice and driving safety tips (

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety vehicle safety ratings and other consumer safety advice, plus state law data (

IntelliChoice car value, reliability and shopping advice (

J.D. Power Consumer Center auto-related ratings of all kinds ( keeping children safe in and around cars by promoting awareness of the danger (

MADD An organization that provides support for the victims of drunk drivers and works to eliminate all drunk driving everywhere (

Motorcycle Safety Foundation sponsors a RiderCourse (love the name!), outreach to car drivers and motorcycle safety tips library (

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agency that sees to traffic safety issues, and does crash tests (

National Motorists Association Foundation group that seeks to improve driving conditions and protect the interests of motorists (

National Safety Council promotes safety of all kinds, including on the road (

National Sleep Foundation promotes awareness and prevention of drowsy driving (

SafetyBeltSafe USA source for child safety seat information ( advice on how to buy and finance cars, along with a variety of safe driving tips ( THE go to source for urban legend research has a whole auto category, including Risk-O-Inferno, which firmly and factually supports Mother R’s seat belt nagging habit ( provides extensive traffic information for many major cities, and free automatic email alerts (

Wake Up Laughing where you can laugh your way to a better world, on and off the road, with Swami Beyondananda (