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Who are these Riders anyway? Well, the Riders’ experience comes out of a rich family tradition on the road, from long haul truck driving to long distance commuting, from road work inspection to managing a trucking operation, from covering large regional insurance territories on the road to driving vacations all over the USA and beyond. Riders know driving.

We also know that we’re not the only ones. It hasn’t escaped our notice that you all are out there on the road with us, and have plenty of experience yourselves. That’s why we’re asking you to join up with us to make the road a happier, safer place for all of us together. Please take the pledge and share your stories below. There’s a stylish official Rider Method bumper sticker in it for you! Plus the chance to win other fabulous prizes, like t-shirts, driving caps, tote bags, license plate frames and cute Happy Rider teddy bears.

Thank you for your support.
And welcome to the Happy World of Safe and Healthy Driving.


Take the Pledge

I, (state your name), do pledge and swear (but not solemnly!) that I will lighten up, laugh more, drive with care and courtesy, lay off the whining and cursing, avoid rude gestures of all kinds and generally leave the other drivers alone, except for the occasional Cheery Rider Wave. I will be salubrious always, and share the way of safe and healthy driving with all my friends (and they are my friends!) on the road. And I mean it!

  • We all have driving stories, don’t we? Please share yours here to qualify for the weekly special prize drawing. (You do not have to submit a story to join)
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.

If you wish to include your mailing address, we’ll send you that colorful bumper sticker we promised (suitable for posting on the car where it belongs or on the wall at home or the office) as a token of our appreciation. We may publish your stories and comments, including your first name, city and state (if you’ve told us what they are), without permission. We will never publish or share your full name and home or email address with anyone. Ever.


Transform your rage, anger or plain old bad mood to smiles and laughter with RATS (Rider Alternative Traffic Story)

Is the other driver evil? Not any more! We have the power to change all that by making up any old story that entertains us with RATS. Here are a few starter stories to get you going. Feel free to go ahead and make up your own. The sky’s the limit. (but keep it clean, please!)

Instead of calling the other driver an idiot, moron, selfish creep or something stronger that we’d rather not print on our cheery website, try these RATS:

Maybe he or she is:

  • A confused tourist from Croatia, Indonesia or France
  • A klutz who’s just spilled hot coffee or a refreshing ice cold drink in his lap
  • A super hero on the way to save the day somewhere who forgot his cape
  • Heading for the nearest rest room and you don’t want to know why
  • An alien from a faraway planet with no traffic laws
  • A kindly dog owner on the way to the vet’s office, whose Irish Setter is already having her puppies in the back seat
  • A brave witness on the way to a big murder trial who thinks he’s being followed
  • An astronaut on the way home from outer space who’s still feeling a little woozy
  • A country doctor who bumped his head and thinks he’s a race car driver now
  • Rushing Dad to the hospital with chest pains when the accelerator stuck AND the brakes failed
  • The victim of a mad bomber frantically looking for a safe place to let it explode
  • A helpless sleepwalker who hasn’t the slightest clue she is on the road instead of home in bed where she belongs
  • A party planner with a giant tank of helium rolling around the back of the station wagon
  • Paralyzed by a deathly fear of pedestrians and bike riders

Many thanks and a Cheery Rider Wave to Janet, Joanne, Marcia and MaryBeth for their creative contributions!

And we can always use more, so please help us build the library by sharing your favorite RATS here.

  • Max. file size: 100 MB.