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Try forgiveness, because it’s good for you

Yesterday’s Daily Word was Forgiveness, and that always reminds me what a wonderful relief it was to have finally, after lo those many crabby years, discovered The Rider Method. Oh, not the whole thing with the 8-Step Program and all, that took a little longer, but just the core truth, that my anger was making me miserable without improving that other bad driver a bit, so to forgive and forget his or her poor driving habits was a kindness to me. And I am always in favor of kindness to me! You too? I suspect that most of us like to be kind to ourselves, don’t we? Well, we can. And we should.

Anger is optional, not required, and we can all do ourselves a big favor by getting over it, or as the boss likes to say, FIDO: Forget It, Drive On.

Buddha's advice on anger

Who’s getting hurt when you’re angry? Right, it’s you. Is that what you want?

And here’s a fancier illustrated way of getting the point across, courtesy of The Buddha and photoshop:

And here’s another, slightly creepier perspective from Mark Twain, courtesy of goodreads:

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

Oh sure, we might prefer it was this or that inconsiderate creep over in the other car getting burned, but they are not in our jurisdiction. And sometimes they’re not even inconsiderate, or creeps. Or all those other unpleasant names we’ve been calling them. Because when you think about it, we don’t really know what they’re thinking or why they’re driving like that, do we? We’re just making up our own story, and it’s making us mad! So why not make up a story that makes us laugh instead? Laughing is so much better for us, and a lot more fun too. Seriously, the Mayo Clinic says so. Would you like to review its health benefits?

Stress relief from laughter? Yes, no joke

And for the complete scoop on how to laugh more and rage less with The Rider Method, head on over to The Mission or The Book. Or both. We know it takes some practice and we’re here to help. In the meantime, here’s the abbreviated version: Life is short; the road is long. Lighten up!

And let there be peace on the road!

Laugh more without Keith Olbermann

I know, I know, I promised you more laughs in 2011. And where are they? Good question!

How did I know that Keith Olbermann, my ace driving humor resource was going to quit MSNBC? Sure, many of you may think of him as a crazy smarty-pants liberal nut, but I remember good old Countdown with Keith Olbermann fondly as a rich and generous source of silly driving videos. So naturally I was thrilled to learn that he was returning to TV in June, and delighted to see that the goofy video segment of the program returned with him, although I am a tiny bit disappointed that Current TV doesn’t have MSNBC’s fancy and flexible embed code that made it possible to cut out just the best parts to share with you, which means that we’re stuck watching the whole segment on YouTube instead. On the bright side though, Keith always begins with an interesting trivia treat. Would you like to see an example? Here you go…

Lest you think I totally gave up on laughter while Keith was away, I’ll also include a few samples of alternatives that I found and left open in my tabs all summer but until now was too lazy to post. Sorry!

Here’s an amusing cartoon that most of us can relate to in one way or another, courtesy of my friend Marcia and the fine monthly humor newspaper Funny Times (always good for a laugh!)…

Another Funny Times contribution to auto hilarity comes from Dave Barry, and it’s easier to read from his blog, so let’s go there next…


Yes, I know it’s ancient, but it’s still funny, isn’t it? And more or less just as true as it was in 2004? Well then, if Funny Times can make us laugh by going back in time, Mother can too! And is grateful for the excuse to do it! Thank you Funny Times and Dave Barry! And Marcia! For helping us remember our Rider Method:

Life is short; the road is long. Lighten up!

I’m going to go close those tabs now. You all have a nice day 🙂
And thanks for stopping by.

And rage less in 2011

Mother normally tries to avoid getting all preachy on you (OK, maybe a little nagging), but she started the week with a Daily Word on Monday that fits The Rider Method to a T, so hopes you won’t mind my sharing my favorite part with my cheery friends:

I interact with many people each day, from friends, family and co-workers to sales people, fellow drivers and passersby. While some relationships may not seem especially significant, they provide opportunities for me to positively impact the lives of others.

I might be the only one to show another person kindness or consideration today. A simple caring gesture or acknowledgment can bring light to their day. I choose my words carefully and let my connection with others be a blessing in their lives and mine. We all share this life experience together.

If you’d like to read the complete message, you can find it here:

Daily Word

And as John said: Let there be peace on the road. This means you!

May all your travels be salubrious, in 2011 and beyond!