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Laugh more without Keith Olbermann

I know, I know, I promised you more laughs in 2011. And where are they? Good question!

How did I know that Keith Olbermann, my ace driving humor resource was going to quit MSNBC? Sure, many of you may think of him as a crazy smarty-pants liberal nut, but I remember good old Countdown with Keith Olbermann fondly as a rich and generous source of silly driving videos. So naturally I was thrilled to learn that he was returning to TV in June, and delighted to see that the goofy video segment of the program returned with him, although I am a tiny bit disappointed that Current TV doesn’t have MSNBC’s fancy and flexible embed code that made it possible to cut out just the best parts to share with you, which means that we’re stuck watching the whole segment on YouTube instead. On the bright side though, Keith always begins with an interesting trivia treat. Would you like to see an example? Here you go…

Lest you think I totally gave up on laughter while Keith was away, I’ll also include a few samples of alternatives that I found and left open in my tabs all summer but until now was too lazy to post. Sorry!

Here’s an amusing cartoon that most of us can relate to in one way or another, courtesy of my friend Marcia and the fine monthly humor newspaper Funny Times (always good for a laugh!)…

Another Funny Times contribution to auto hilarity comes from Dave Barry, and it’s easier to read from his blog, so let’s go there next…


Yes, I know it’s ancient, but it’s still funny, isn’t it? And more or less just as true as it was in 2004? Well then, if Funny Times can make us laugh by going back in time, Mother can too! And is grateful for the excuse to do it! Thank you Funny Times and Dave Barry! And Marcia! For helping us remember our Rider Method:

Life is short; the road is long. Lighten up!

I’m going to go close those tabs now. You all have a nice day 🙂
And thanks for stopping by.