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Better be careful out there!

So were you worried about where we would get our silly driving videos now that Keith Olbermann’s gone? Yeah, me too. But for now, a nice fellow from Georgia is taking care of us, bless his little pointed head, with this surprising video. Remember that still photo of the scary black helicopter behind the Speed Enforced by Aircraft sign? Well, this takes it to a whole new level. Check it out…

Are you scared yet? No? Then maybe you should check out Nicholas Kristof’s attack vehicle alternative universe from last Sunday’s New York Times, with bumper bayonets and private tanks…

 Watch Out! The Assault Vehicle is Loose!

Too bad we don’t have a video of this! And no, I’m sorry, you can’t have one. A tank I mean. Or a video either, unless that nice man in Georgia maybe? Let’s keep an eye on him.


And driving: not the only thing to NOT do while texting

Walking and texting together are also causing plenty of trouble out there. Yes, I know we’ve covered this topic before (Have I issued a commandment lately?) but in case you’ve forgotten this pearl of wisdom from
Riders on the Road, I’ll repeat it here:

Remember, just because your mother nags you doesn’t mean she isn’t right.

The New York Times gets it, and considers it front page news today (Forget Gum. Walking and Using a Phone is Risky). Matt Richtel describes some entertaining examples, like the poor woman who walked into a truck, a guy who walked into a telephone pole and a young lady who walked into a store window, along with alarming ER data from 2008 and fascinating studies on multitasking that examine “inattention blindness” and the conditions that cause it. It’s a very interesting article; check it out.

Or if you prefer, just do as I say because I said so. Either way, we’ll all be safer out there, and mother will be very proud. Thanks!