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Goofy weather: Climate Change?

Or just good old Mother Nature’s crazy sense of humor?

Good question! Mother R is all in favor of a crazy sense of humor, and appreciates Mother N’s going to all this trouble for a good laugh, but she’s beginning to suspect this may be more than just an elaborate April Fools joke.

I know my friends in the south didn’t begrudge our enjoying a relatively mild, snow-free winter up here in the Northeast Kingdom while you all were getting slammed with cold and snow, but in the spirit of fair’s fair, I think I should share that after our warmest March ever, we’re now having our third April snowfall this year, and it’s not over yet.

Want to see? Here’s a shot from this morning…

Poor little robin.

And apparently it’s not just us. According to USA Today by way of my favorite news magazine, The Week, this was the warmest March globally in the entire 130 years that the National Climatic Data Center has kept records. Really, Mother N!

So what does this have to do with driving? Well, it’s a stretch, but the goofy weather theme is a wonderful excuse to share this goofy safe driving in the snow performance by a couple of extremely goofy weathermen. And they’re right. Enjoy!

Crazy in Copenhagen

They have GOT to be kidding! But apparently they are not. Get this. After rolling in our oil dough for lo these many years now, the Saudi Arabians actually have the colossal nerve to suggest, nay insist, that if we and the rest of the world should finally get our act together sufficiently to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, they should be compensated for the lost revenue. Really! Check it out: (Saudis Seek Payments for Any Drop in Oil Revenues)

Stop laughing! These people are serious.

If this were not the cheery family blog that it is, Mother R would have considerably more to say about this lunacy, but as it is, I’ll simply suggest that now might be a good time to finally get rid of that gas guzzler you haven’t quite been able to part with yet. I hear there are plenty of more fuel efficient ways to get around without sacrificing the features you need and want in a vehicle. And many of the new ones have terrific new safety innovations too. Stay tuned for my full report later in the week, but in the meantime, you can start by browsing the latest in fuel efficiency at www.fueleconomy.gov.

Compensation for the poor whiners in OPEC. Yeah, right!