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Great highway safety news, and a reminder

Woo hoo! We killed only 33,808 people on the road in 2009. That’s the best we’ve done (and by best I mean least!) since 1950. Mother’s ever so proud of us for driving more safely out there, and so is the Governors Highway Safety Association, as you can see here.

But lest we get complacent, there are nice folks out there who are taking the time to remind us that it’s still too many. With illustrations and some very excellent suggestions on how we can continue to improve. I couldn’t say it better myself so will just copy directly from the email sister Kacey sent along yesterday. (Thanks, Kace!)…

Would you like to have been in the passenger seat?

This accident occurred north of Deer Lodge in I-90. The driver was appx 22 year old guy heading east to college. He had left central Washington early in the morning. He fell asleep at the wheel and drifted off the shoulder hitting the end of the section of guard rail. The guard rail came through the right headlight, engine compartment, firewall, glove box, passenter seat, rear seat and exited out the driver’s side rear window. That is 120 LF of guard rail that threaded through the Suburban.

No passengers and the driver was not injured.

I am sharing this as a reminder to all about NOT driving when you shouldn’t be behind the wheel (drinking, texting, distracted or just plain tired).