The Mission

The Rider Family Mission

Peace on the Road

We like to think of us all as one big happy extended family of American drivers, who are entitled to a salubrious driving experience whenever we hit the road. Together we can make it so.

Remember, salubrious = healthy and safe, not slow!

These are the facts:

  • Nearly 200 million of us spend an average of 55 minutes per day driving.
  • We average 8 billion miles altogether every single day.
  • While we’re out there on an average day, almost 90 of us are killed and more than 6,000 are injured in close to 15,000 accidents.
  • And if that’s not bad enough, we each waste approximately 25 hours and almost 10 gallons of fuel every year sitting in traffic.
  • Reliable statistics on road rage are hard to come by, but the number of scary horror stories about it in the news is certainly alarming.

And furthermore:

  • We don’t even want to think about the medical expense and property
    damage cost involved, never mind the pain and suffering.
  • The stress isn’t doing our health any good either, and it’s driving our passengers crazy too.
  • Too many of us have become convinced that driving is a hopelessly frustrating experience, and that it’s never going to get any better.

Let’s face it, we have had about enough of this! But we can do better.

Consider this:

  • Being furious with other drivers is making us miserable, but isn’t really improving their driving any, is it?
  • Anger is always optional!
  • After all, most of us are not perfect drivers; why should we even expect, never mind demand perfection of everyone else on the road?

So, if our anger doesn’t improve their driving, what will?

  • We don’t know, actually, and we don’t need to know, because that’s not our job. We can focus on driving well ourselves, and let their driving be their problem.
  • Heck, we can all just have a good laugh at them. What good will that do?
    • Reduce our stress
    • Lower our blood pressure
    • Elevate our mood
    • Boost our immune systems
    • Improve our brain functioning
    • In general, just make us feel good

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Yet for most of us it doesn’t exactly come naturally. It may take some practice, but remember that you’re the boss, you are in charge of your reactions, and it is totally within your power to create your own happier, healthier and safer world on the road.

Please join us in laughing our driving cares away while we free ourselves from those irritating ornery instincts and find our happier, more salubrious selves.

Let the Rider Method be your new motto:

Life is short; the road is long. Lighten up!