Mother R’s belated but sincere wishes for a Salubrious 2010

Could you use an extra resolution? How about one that will make your hours on the road happier and less stressful? Say, something like this nice happy, safe and healthy driving pledge:

I swear (but not solemnly!) that I will lighten up, laugh more, drive with care and courtesy, lay off the whining and cursing, avoid rude gestures of all kinds and generally leave the other drivers alone, except for the occasional Cheery Rider Wave. I will be salubrious always, and share the way of safe and healthy driving with all my friends (and they are my friends!) on the road. And I mean it!

You can resolve quietly to yourself, or head on over to The Club page to take the pledge and join the movement. There’s a stylish official Rider Method bumper sticker in it for you! And plenty of support and encouragement from your extended Rider family and friends.

Finally, since I couldn’t say it better myself, why don’t we ring in the new year with Dad’s favorite commandment:

“Let there be peace on the road, and let the drivers thereon be salubrious, even happy, and their passengers too. And hey, why not the bike riders and the pedestrians while we’re at it. Let’s all get salubrious. Now! This means you!

And here’s a word from Mom: “Bless your little pointed heads.”

Remember, life is short; the road is long. Let’s all lighten up and have a cheery, salubrious 2010!

Happy Trails!