More Zipper Merge: as seen on the jumbotron at the Rally to Restore Sanity

Thanks a million (and more!) to Jon Stewart for the beautiful zipper merge shout out (with video) at the Rally to Restore Sanity. Oh yeah, and thanks for the best rally ever too. And thanks most of all for bringing together the most amazing (and friendly!) bunch of great Americans I’ve ever seen in one place, no exceptions.

Would you like to see the video? I found it on MSNBC, where they kindly fix it so you can clip and share just your favorite parts (thank you, MSNBC). And I’m happy to report that Jon thoughtfully and effectively makes the point with a G rating. Mother loves that!

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And so what if the light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey? That’s a good thing, when New Jersey is where you’re going, especially when Promised Land (which is, after all, over in the Poconos) would be really out of the way.

You know, it may not be as catchy as the zipper merge, but I’m thinking that maybe we should start calling the technique you go then I’ll go,or maybe just Stew, in honor of Jon’s shining this light on the road to sanity in so many areas of our lives, including those often troublesome lane closures.

It’s a wonderful thing when we can all work together for the greater good, and still arrive safely and sanely at our destination, isn’t it? With a little practice, I’m pretty sure we can get the hang of it. Would you like a little refresher first? You can find a brief description right here: The Zipper Merge (or full and complete details in the book). Ready now? What do you say we get started, shall we?

You go then I’ll go.