Hey teens, our spies are watching you

Are teen drivers a danger to themselves and others? You bet!

Particularly when they have no adult supervision in the car. I won’t bore you with scary teen death statistics, but I will tell you that they are truly alarming! And if you think they only apply to the bad kids, not yours, think again.

Sure, they may be irritating and expensive, but does that mean we parents want to let the kids kill themselves out there? Absolutely not! Heck, we don’t want them injured either, and keeping the car in one piece would be nice too. So what can we do about it? We can spy on them, that’s what! And when they know we’re watching, their driving habits tend to improve, like magic!

A variety of GPS systems give you the power to track your kids’ driving behavior. There are lots to choose from and the price ranges vary widely, so shop around. You might want to check with your auto insurance agent for recommendations; some companies may offer discounts.

So, if you want to keep your kids safe without locking them in their rooms for a few years, think about investing in a personal auto spy. They’re worth it. The kids I mean.