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Isn’t it about time for another commandment?

You bet! This is a winter commandment, one that wouldn’t normally apply in the south, but the way this winter’s been going, y’all had better listen up too. Here it is…

Before you hit the road, always make sure to clean off the ice and snow.

Why? Because Mother Rider says so, of course, and so does her sister Kacey. And in some states because it’s the law. But mostly because you could kill somebody with that stuff! I’m serious; it’s happened.You’re having a bad enough day already trying to drive on the crappy roads. Do you want to make it worse by killing or maiming the folks in the car behind you or on the sidewalk? Of course not!

I briefly considered citing various state laws on this topic as backup, or even compiling a complete state law digest. Some, for example, forbid any ice or snow and others just worry about the windows. Still others don’t mention ice or snow specifically but will bust you for anther offense that’s close enough, like an unsecured load or negligent driving. Fortunately, before I went to all that trouble I remembered that you all are smart enough to get it without extra help. You don’t care if it’s the law, because you know it’s the right thing to do. Right? Right!

You guys are the best!