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Salubrious Thanksgiving Wishes

So soon, the first ever National Salubrious Driving Day is over. *sigh* But that doesn’t mean we can’t stay happy safe and healthy out there. Heck, that’s the point, isn’t it? To establish the salubriety habit so that it lasts all year? Yes, it is. And what better occasion to practice our salubrious driving skills than Thanksgiving weekend!

Have you noticed that the airlines appear to be knocking themselves out trying to make driving look better by comparison? Well, it seems to be working, because while plans for air travel are down by 6.7% for the Thanksgiving holiday, driving is up by 2.1%, or so AAA is projecting according to the AP. (AAA: Thanksgiving travel to go up, air travel down) That’s 38.4 million of us who will be driving more than 50 miles away from home over the weekend, never mind the gazillions who will be heading out to the mall on Friday! And some of them may still be feeling a bit woozy after that scrumptious (and huge!) Thanksgiving dinner. So watch out!

And remember to stay salubrious out there. Here’s a link to Salubrious Driving: an 8 Step Program, in case you could use a little extra help. Happy safe and healthy Thanksgiving wishes to all!

The Happy World of Safe and Healthy Driving: The Book AND The Holiday

Is it Mother Rider’s job to declare national holidays? Ordinarily, no. But just this once, in honor of the double special occasion, I’m going to make an exception to the general rule. So here goes…

In honor of our Dad, who also happens to be the father of salubrious driving, and to celebrate our new book, which is dedicated to him in loving memory, I hereby declare his birthday, November 22nd, the first ever

National Salubrious Driving Day

And if you all will kindly head on over to the petition and sign it, then ask all your friends to sign it too, and they ask their friends, and so on, by next year at this time we may be able to persuade the nice folks in Washington to make it official. Because let’s face it, salubriety is a worthy goal, but doesn’t always come naturally. We could use a little support out here!

So what is this salubrious talk about anyway? Well, it’s about creating a Happy World of Safe and Healthy Driving together.
You can read all about it in our new book:

Riders on the Road:
How to Laugh More and Rage Less
with The Rider Method

Riders on the Road is one of those charming little humor books that, oh by the way, shows you how to laugh your driving cares away, with The Rider Method and its companion 8 Step program. The second edition is bigger and better, with more entertaining stories, provocative questions and practical driving advice for regular American drivers like you and me. But this is more than just a book; it’s a movement, which is why we need a genuine holiday and sure appreciate your support.

What does our Dad the ace professional driver have to say about this? Oh, boy, we wish he were here to tell you himself. Sadly, Dad’s gone on ahead to St. Peter’s Heavenly Bar & Grill, but here’s a quote that he left behind:

Read and heed the lessons from the road that I’ve passed on to my children, and you too shall learn how to laugh off your driving woes and become happier and more salubrious behind the wheel. It takes only a lick of sense and a few bucks to spend on my daughter’s entertaining and informative book, Riders on the Road. Friends, I devoted well over 30 years to teaching myself salubrious driving. You only have to read the book and do what she says. My advice is to do it now. And remember, salubrious means healthy and safe, not slow.

Could you use a little more peace and harmony on the road? We can help. For the complete scoop, and to enjoy a little Roadside Revue, check out our website at
As Dad says…

Let there be peace on the road, and let the drivers thereon all be salubrious, even happy, and their passengers too. And hey, why not the bicycle riders and the pedestrians while we’re at it. Let’s all get salubrious. Now! This means you!

Yes, Sir. We are on it. Happy Birthday, Dad! This book’s for you.

And Happy Salubrious Driving Day to all 🙂

Better News!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been counting and projecting again, and the results are excellent. We the drivers of America are buckling up more and killing fewer of one another on the road. Yay! Mother R is so proud of us that she is not even going to crab about our making many of the alarming statistics in her book out of date.

I will only bore you with a few of the new facts (see Traffic Safety Facts for more), such as seat belt use increasing by a measly 1% to a grand total of 84%. That’s nice, but you can do better, and that’s exactly what I expect for the next report. Don’t make me tell you again! But I will tell you that traffic deaths have declined by a whopping 7% in the first half of 2009 as compared to the same period in 2008. Good job, salubrious drivers!

Good news!

Well, old news, but still very good!

Mother R doesn’t have to tell you that texting is popular, and that doing it while you’re driving is not safe, now does she? Of course not! And how many of you are still doing it anyway? Yeah, I thought so.

It’s encouraging to see that state traffic regulators are jumping on this important safety issue by enacting bans, but there’s considerable concern that such rules will be difficult to enforce. Huh. Imagine drivers ignoring the law! Do we ignore speed limits, cell phone and seat belt rules or stop signs? OK, so they have a point.

Which brings us to Mother Rider’s basic safety rule motto, which is:
We should be smart enough to do the right thing without being told!

Still, there are a bunch of techie folks out there who think we need extra help and are hard at work creating apps that will prevent texting in a moving vehicle using GPS technology, or making it safer to do with voice recognition technology. Check it out in this WSJ article: Firms Racing to End Texting and Driving

And in the meantime, will you please just listen to Mother and don’t do it! Thank you, dears.

Hey YouTube! What are you thinking?

So I was showing the British teen texting and driving PSA to my brother-in-law this morning, and found much to my surprise that thanks to flags by the user community, this video is now restricted to the 18 or older crowd. OK, it’s easy to lie about your age and watch it anyway, but for heavens sakes YouTube, who the heck do you think needs to see the dang thing? Right, teens! Many of whom are under 18. Use your head, YouTube, and remove the silly age limitation.

Oh hey, just a minute. You don’t suppose they suspect teens will be more likely to watch if it’s forbidden, do you? Imagine! Still seems kind of stupid to me, but then I am slightly older than 18. What do you think?

Watch out for creepy web DMV scammers

The real Vermont DMV issued a warning today that scammers are trying to weasel credit card information from Vermont drivers by pretending to offer convenient DMV services online. Apparently the setup looks pretty realistic, making it easy to be fooled if we’re not careful. So if you find yourself looking for DMV services at a web address other than, it is fake. Get out of there in a hurry, and DO NOT enter any personal information, especially credit card numbers. For genuine Vermont DMV services, you can follow the link above, or navigate to the real site via And you can find the complete warning here:
Bogus Vermont DMV website discovered

It’s always something, isn’t it?


So somebody (I won’t mention any names) went to all the trouble of conducting an official survey to determine that New Yorkers are the angriest, most aggressive drivers in the country? That seems like a colossal waste of time, doesn’t it? On the other hand, this is NY’s first win in a survey that’s been done before (last year Miami was #1). Now I question its validity. I have driven in both, and Miami drivers are no slouches when it comes to idiocy on the road, but more aggressive than New Yorkers? I don’t think so. Come on, survey people, you can do better than that.

More Mother Rider’s Rules of the Road

Here’s an evolving message that started out as one of those wacky 911 calls, progressed to a lesson on what not to do if you’re in Texas driving drunk in your Ferrari and ultimately became a good excuse to review a couple of Mother R’s more critical driving commandments: Don’t Drive Drunk and Follow the Rules of Trains.

Just for fun, let’s do this post in the form of an animated movie from the fabulous free make-your-own-movie site, Xtranormal.
Check it out…

Quite a story, eh? And as tempting as it is to judge this guy a total moron, but using language that wouldn’t be appropriate for this cheery blog, to be fair he has apparently been through some tragic times recently and is suffering from severe depression. So let’s show some compassion as we tell him kindly but quite sternly: “We’re very sorry for your loss, but that is no excuse! Don’t you ever do that again, mister!!”

And we won’t ever do it either, will we? Of course not!