And driving: not the only thing to NOT do while texting

Walking and texting together are also causing plenty of trouble out there. Yes, I know we’ve covered this topic before (Have I issued a commandment lately?) but in case you’ve forgotten this pearl of wisdom from
Riders on the Road, I’ll repeat it here:

Remember, just because your mother nags you doesn’t mean she isn’t right.

The New York Times gets it, and considers it front page news today (Forget Gum. Walking and Using a Phone is Risky). Matt Richtel describes some entertaining examples, like the poor woman who walked into a truck, a guy who walked into a telephone pole and a young lady who walked into a store window, along with alarming ER data from 2008 and fascinating studies on multitasking that examine “inattention blindness” and the conditions that cause it. It’s a very interesting article; check it out.

Or if you prefer, just do as I say because I said so. Either way, we’ll all be safer out there, and mother will be very proud. Thanks!