Welcome to the Happy World of
Healthy and Safe Driving

Are you driving more (or less) and enjoying it less?

Do you wonder what on earth is wrong with other drivers?

Is the stress and strain of dealing with traffic driving you nuts?

Do you suffer from aggressive driving in yourself or others?

Or worry about galloping road rage?

Are you ever happy on the road?


Would you like to be?

We can help!

Riders on the Road will show you how to transform scowls, curses and rude gestures into smiles, chuckles and a dose of hearty laughter with The Rider Method and its companion 8 step program (we don’t have time for 12; we’re in a hurry).

Is it rocket science? No
Is it revolutionary? Not really
Is it easy? Very
Does it work? Absolutely!

Riders will entertain you with an irreverent, lighthearted look at the amazing variety of ridiculous behavior going on out there, as it delivers practical lessons in civilized safe driving habits. This is an equal opportunity look at all sides of life on the road, with an ‘it takes one to know one’ perspective. Whatever your driving style, whether you’re a lion or a lamb behind the wheel, The Rider Method is for you.

Join us now and discover how much happier we all can be when we share a few laughs with our fellow motorists while we let go of our crabbier, more self-destructive ways and follow a new path to driving sanity with our new driving pals, The Riders. Remember, we’re always laughing with you, not at you. And you’re laughing with us, right?

Happy Trails!

And a Cheery Rider Wave to you all!


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